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“Dear KaraFun” - How do I make a song suggestion?


I want to suggest a song. How do I do that?
Charles from France...

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11 emojis for 11 playlists

This July 17th marks World Emoji Day. Yes, yes… we can hear you: “Wait, what the….?” So, let us explain!

Emojis are those small symbols that you use likely already use on a daily basis. They’ve invaded our cell phones, tablets, computers and pretty much all social networks.

In celebration, our team has associated 11 playlists with their corresponding emoji. Go grab the microphone!


Why do certain songs get stuck in our head?

We’ve all been victim; a friend sings something out loud and the rest of the day the melody and lyrics are stuck in your head. From the Macarena to Let it Go often a good night’s sleep isn’t enough to get away from the haunting, but oh-so-good, melody.

According to a study published by the journal, Psychology of Music, 90% of the population reports getting a song stuck in their head at least one time per week.

While it is a a common problem, the type of song varies on the person and personal tastes.