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KaraFun Remote Update: Enhanced Control for Your Karaoke Parties

Get ready, karaoke enthusiasts! KaraFun, your go-to karaoke party app, has just rolled out an update for its Remote Control feature that's set to take your singing sessions to a whole new level. Whether you're planning a laid-back evening with family or a wild night with friends, KaraFun promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. Let's break down the enhancements and how you can be among the first to try them out.

What's KaraFun Remote Control

Why is KaraFun Remote Control a game-changer for your karaoke sessions? Simplicity meets innovation in this feature. All you need is to fire up the app on your preferred platform and enable the remote control option from the app settings. This allows your guests to use their personal devices to engage with your karaoke setup like never before. They can:

  • Explore the vast song catalog
  • Register their name and queue up their favorite tracks
  • Adjust playback options such as song key, tempo, and vocal guides
  • Snap and share photos directly onto the shared screen

This level of interaction ensures everyone gets a piece of the action, making your karaoke parties not just fun but truly inclusive.

What's New with the Remote Control?

The latest update is all about going "Better, Faster, Stronger." With an eye on the future, especially the anticipated KaraFun multiplayer and Party Gaming features, a robust and flexible remote control system was paramount. This update promises to deliver just that, ensuring KaraFun remains at the forefront of digital karaoke experiences.

Early Access: Be the First to Experience the Upgrade

We're inviting you to get an exclusive taste of the enhanced remote control features. Your feedback is invaluable as we gear up for a full-scale launch. Here's how you can get early access:

On Your iPhone/iPad

Navigate to Apple TestFlight and follow the instructions to join the beta test.

On your Mac

Download the latest app version from our website or from Apple TestFlight.

On Your Android Device

Join the Android Beta program to start using the updated features today.

On the Web

Sing and control from your browser with our Web Player.

In Our Karaoke Bars

Experience the updated Remote Control in action at our Karaoke Bars in Paris, Lille, and Bruxelles.

To sum up

KaraFun's latest update to its Remote Control feature signifies a leap towards more dynamic and engaging karaoke parties. By embracing this new technology, you're not just hosting a singing session; you're creating an event that will be talked about long after the music stops. Don't miss out on the chance to be at the forefront of karaoke innovation. Try the new features today, and let's make unforgettable memories together!


Q: How does KaraFun Remote Control enhance my karaoke experience?

A: It allows guests to interact with the karaoke system using their own devices, offering personalized song selection, playback control, and photo-sharing capabilities. Discover all the features from our Remote Control Help Page.

Q: Can I try the updated Remote Control feature before its official release?

A: Yes! KaraFun is offering early access through Apple TestFlight, Android Beta, its Web Player, and its own Karaoke Bars.

Q: Where can I provide feedback on the new features?

A: Feedback can be submitted through the app's feedback option in the beta versions or via email to our support team:

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