Tip of the Month: setting default vocal volumes


The very first forms of karaoke included only a backing track (here's a brief history of karaoke), but thankfully its evolved since its 1969 debut date. With any KaraFun application on any song, you've got the possibility of adjusting lead and background vocals!

So if Mariah Carey in the flesh couldn't shake your confidence, turn the vocals (lead and/or background) completely off! But if the sight of a microphone makes your voice quiver, adjust the background and/or lead vocals to help you muster the courage to belt one out. And the really good news.... KaraFun lets you set default vocals for the entire catalog of songs!

How to change and set default backing and lead vocals?

iOS and Android

To adjust the vocals for an individual song, tap on the screen while a song is playing to make adjustments. In order to set default vocals for all songs, go to Settings > Playback > Default lead/backing vocals. You can adjust the volume and this will be reflected in any future songs that are played.

Mac and Windows

For individual songs, the option to change the vocals can be done by clicking on the volume icons at the top left. For all songs, go to your menu bar and select the option Preferences Playback > Default lead/backing vocals. The percentage set will be reflected in all future songs played.

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